September Surfing

September surfing. Not on on waves of water, but on waves of memories. September signals the end of Summer and all the plans that were made in Spring. So this morning I’m reviewing all the things accomplished and the things left undone. I still have time (if I hurry) to get one or two more summer promises fulfilled before September 22nd.

Take some time to surf through your memories. Look at photos, re-read an email from a friend, and take a long look at your loved ones. Thank goodness for special times and special people in our lives! Knowing that what we do today will be tomorrow’s memory makes this day even more important. It’s wonderful to relax and reflect on the past as long as I don’t get stuck there. So, right now, I’m going to enjoy riding this wave – and then get back to making more memories.

Here’s to September, memories, and just being able to enjoy the surf!

Beach walking

Memories on the sand